NSDL carried out a series of legal awareness workshops in Rafah, it Conducted 10 legal awareness workshops about community awareness of personal status law, in cooperation with several civil society associations including ” Al-Mawasi Community ,the Swedish Village, United Association for Cultural and Social Development, Al-Salam civil Society, the Rural Women Development Association, Al-Mawasi Village, Bedouin Village, Sawaed Al-Khair Group, Al-Ghaida kindergarten, General Federation of Palestinian Women, And Bid Without Borders assembly.

This is part of the activities and events of the project entitled: “Providing legal aid services to vulnerable groups in Rafah through Sawasya II”, Joint Program of the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Women’s Fund and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): strengthening the rule of law in the State of Palestine.

During the meetings, the legal clinic team focused on marriage, engagement and women’s rights in alimony and in the case of divorce and in the case of husband’s death as a debt on the husband even after his death, in addition to the house of obedience (a term used to refer to a house prepared for disobedient wife), and legal separation.

The legal clinic team also talked about the issues of gold and the problems raised, in addition they talked about divorce and separation and its types and implications, and procedures tired before the Sharia courts.

At the end of the meetings, the discussion and interventions were opened and all legal inquiries were answered also recommendations were made in the personal status law and also the attendees called for more legal awareness workshops.