On Monday 16/3/2009, a Counter Narcotics Police force arrived at the house of Zayyed A. Mabrouk (40 years) in order to detain him. His wife told that Zayyed is in the Europian Hospital attending his sick mother. The force headed to the hospital and arrested Zayyed there and drove him back to his house, where they claimed that he had confessed to them that he trades narcotics. According to Zayyed’s affidavit, he denied the accusation while his family was in attendance. The police force drove him to their office. Three hours later, the police force brought Zayyed back to his house and there they said that Zayyed confessed the drug dealing, buy Zayyed said ” I said to you I’ve narcotics and I don’t …. I said so because of your hard beating”. The police force, again, took Zayyed back to their office.

Next day morning, a police force brought Zayyed to his house where the same scenario occurred again. Along their way to Zayyed’s house ” they were beating him with batons” as said by Zayyed’s cousin. The force took Zayyed back to their office. Next day, Abu Yousif Annajar Hospital contacted a relative to Zayyed and informed him that Zayyed is dead. As he said in his affidavit, Zayyed’s relative requested explanations on by whom and how Zayyed were brought to them and whether he died in the hospital or elsewhere. The hospital replied that they received it a dead body from the Police.

The NSDL is greatly concerned regarding Jaradat’s death and considers that the measures concerning the action and place of  arresting were illegal. He was arrested without producing an arrest order, which breaches articles (11) and (12) of the Palestinian Basic Law and the Palestinian Criminal Procedures Act.

The NSDL demand that the dismissed government police in Gaza open an investigation in the causes and circumstances of Zayyed’s death and bring the perpetrators of this breach to justice to be punished for their stepping over law and using torture which is in return a grave violation of human rights and the Palestinian law.