The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) continue conducting Training session on basic first aid in collaboration with MDM France organization, within the Emergency Preparedness Project 2017-2019.

Ms. Alaa Hijazi started the meeting greeting the attendees and introducing herself, MDM France organization and the training goals to be achieved. She stressed the need of knowing first aid as we live in country of war.

The meeting was led by Ms. Hala Al-Qadi who defined the first aid as the primary, immediate and temporary health care provided to the injured person.

Al-Qadi elaborates in many fields of First aid such as pulmonary resuscitation for adults, children and infants and the difference between each of the conditions and the procedures to be followed when each of them suffer from apnea. She also talked about fractures, burns, suffocation, gas poisoning and bleeding, and the appropriate methods of providing first aid for each.

In an intervention by Ms. Alaa Hijazi, she spoke about the situation of recovery, as it confirmed that it is a safety and waiting situation and explained why each of them was named.

In the training, the participants were 15 women and handbooks talks about first aid were distributed.

At the end of the meeting, discussions, interventions and responses to all legal proceedings were answered by Hala Al-Qadi.

The attendees also called on to hold more of these Trainings as Palestine is a country of war and everyone must be aware of the first aid.