In cooperation with the Palestinian non-governmental organizations network (PNGO), the National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) conducted a workshop entitled,” voluntary work at the civil society institutions (policies and procedures)” within the activities of ” promoting democracy and building organizations capacities ” project, jointly conducted by the network and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

Dr. Bassam Abu Hasheesh opened the meeting welcoming the attendees and talking about the joint effort of PNGO network and the NPA conducting the aforementioned project.

Moreover, Dr. Abu Hasheesh talked about the volunteer guide importance and confirmed that the guide was drafted by a main participation of each relevant part, particularly the organizations and the volunteers.

In addition, he talked about the guide contents, objectives and volunteer’s rights as well as their duties; the thing which enables them to improve their potential and keep up doing well to achieve their goals and gain as much experience as they can.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees were given the chance to discuss their opinions and raise their inquiries. They asked for more workshops that would educate the volunteers more and more about their rights and duties.