NSDL conducted three legal awareness raising workshops on “personal status law” in cooperation with several community-based institutions in Rafah city. It started with Ajyal Almustaqbal Association, Rafah Farmers Association and Attadamun Charitable Society within the activities of ” Providing legal aid services for the vulnerable groups in Rafah governorate” project, UNDP/UN Women/UNICEF Joint Programme Promoting the Rule of Law in the State of Palestine, SAWASYA II (2018-2019).

The first three workshops entitled the topic of personal status law. The first workshop was on Thursday 1/11/2018 at Ajyal Almostaqbal Association, and Lawyer Belal Alnajar managed to run it. The second was at Rafah Farmers, and the legal clinic lawyer, Suaad Almashni managed to run it. The third one was at Attadamun Charitable Society, and lawyer Rabab Alshaer managed to run it. In the three conducted workshops, the lawyers talked about issues such as marriage, engagement, women’s rights like alimony, and deferred dowry; (the dowry which a woman could have after the husband’s death). They explained to the attendees how they can get their rights, since some rights like the deferred dowry is considered as a debt that the husband should pay.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees were given the chance to raise their inquiries and opinion. All of the questions were answered and some recommendation were set.

The attendees called for raising the legal awareness regarding women’s rights and how they can protect their rights by implementing more workshops, activities and events.IMG_1222 IMG_1266 IMG_1280 IMG_1283 IMG_1298 IMG_1311 IMG_1313