The economic, social and cultural rights coalition “Adala” held its plenary meeting in August 13, 2018 at the hall of chamber of commerce. A huge number of institutions, unions and associations from the West Bank and Gaza Strip participated on Skype.

The meeting included a presentation of the coalition administrative report and its achievements related to the public issues and the economic and social rights.  Moreover, they discussed the bylaws and the programme document prepared by the secretary. Plenary members made some notes on the bylaws and the room document that these notes be followed by the elected secretary in the new session.

The meeting continued by electing a new secretary. It was included many institutions from Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The following institutions were the ones which succeeded: social and economic policies monitor, women’s affairs staff, Ramallah center for human rights studies, Aalnajdah Association, combatting violence against women forum, Stars of Hope, Al sharaka youth forum, Pal-Think for strategic studies, National Society for Democracy and Law, and youth and environment association.

Dr. Ibrahim Muammar, Chairman of National Society for Democracy and Law was present there as a member of Adala coalition administrative board.

Dr. Ibrahim emphasized that joining Adala coalition was one of NSDL goals. It always aimed at joining national and international coalitions and networks related to human rights and law in order to promote cooperation and communication with other civil society institutions to disseminate and support human rights.