A delegation from Gaza university visited NSDL in order to explore avenues for cooperation. The delegation included dr. Nahed Hammad “an academic lecturer in the university”, dr. Ahmed Abu Samhadana ” an academic in the university”, Ms. Yasmeen Asraf “director of public relations- southern branch” and Ms. Heba Alqedra “public relations”. The delegation was received by Hossam Jarghon “financial director”, Olfat El bream “executive director” and Belal Al Najar “deputy of executive director”. During the meeting, the delegation raised the visibility of Gaza university and its various majors. NSDL team did the same for their institution; they talked about NSDL and what kinds of services it had been providing. They discussed the areas in which they could build cooperation, so that the both sides can help to develop university students’ abilities and skills.