Thursday 22/2/218

PCDCR conducted a workshop entitled” how can you get your inheritance?” at the headquarter of NSDL within the project of ” improving women’s rights to housing and land ownership”. NSDL executive director, Ms. Olfat El Bream, opened the meeting welcoming PCDCR and the guests, and then she gave Ms. Kefah Elbream and arbitrator Sumaya Al Hanafi the chance to talk in details about the workshop topic. Ms. Kefah started talking about what the inheritance means, its rules and conditions according to the personal status law. Moreover, she talked about the mandatory testamentary provisions and she made sure to raise the widows’ awareness regarding their inheritance rights and how to call for them. Arbitrator Sumaya talked about mediation and she mentioned a set of real-life stories with which she intervened to stop injustice practiced against women. She said that PCDCR had succeeded in helping a lot of women to restitute their rights.

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