NSDL closed the fourth 8-session training course entitled “Gender Based Violence” within the project of protection of gender based violence – conducting gender initiative- UNRWA. The sessions discussed different issues related to gender based violence and most importantly the concept of gender, gender roles, reasons laying behind GBV and its results as well as its environmental factors. Moreover, they discussed topics like human rights, international human and particularly women rights treaties, personal status law, managing resulted pressures of gender based violence and protection mechanisms from GBV.  Sessions facilitator, Tamer Abu Asi said that such sessions aimed at educating people and raising their awareness regarding violence against women and GBV. Mr. Tamer Abu Asi noticed that the ladies who attended the sessions became more aware of their rights and gained knowledge of many issues related to them. Executive director, Ms. Olfat Elbream, emphasized on the importance of holding such sessions in order to reduce violence; a phenomenon that had lately been increasing. All the female trainees agreed that they became more aware of the concepts of change. They praised their trainer confirming that he had the ability to deliver the information of the training course material easily. At the end of the day, NSDL gave each of them a certificate that proved their commitment besides the training course material.