Sunday 8/4/2018

National Society for Democracy and Law cooperated with Women’s Affairs center in conducting three workshops in its headquarter about the importance of young ladies’ participation in making formal and informal political decisions within the project of enhancing the participation of women in making political decisions in the Gaza Strip.

Lawyer Saeed Abdallah managed to run three meetings on Saturday and Sunday 7-8/4/2018. The workshops covered topics like enhancing the role of women in making decisions and giving her the proper role, since they are equal to men. It also addressed the methods of handling negative thoughts that most people have about the role of women in the society. Lawyer Saeed kept talking about anti discrimination between men and women in making political decisions and helped the attendees to know better about women’s rights and duties. He called to a better legal education regarding women’s issues. Moreover, he talked about the obstacles which may prevent women from sharing their innovation in the field of politics. A group of men and women attended the meetings and shared their opinions and inquiries which lawyer Saeed kindly answered.