The National Society for Democracy and Law(NSDL) concluded the second training course entitled” Gender Based Violence” within a project of “Awareness Sessions about Gender Based Violence Prevention” Implemented by Gender Based Initiative Program which was held throughout 8 sessions.


Those sessions discussed different matters such as the gender, woman rights, gender-based violence, psychological pressure management, mechanisms of the support and protection, promoting the exercises of self-confident, using the woman possibilities for a positive exchange and the reasons and effects of violence against woman on the family relationship.


“Those sessions aimed at raising the awareness and education about the violence issues against women and the gender based violence. Moreover, the women who participated and attended those session  had become more aware of those issues related with their rights.” Mr. Tamer abu Assi, the facilitator of the training sessions in the society, said.


Furthermore, Ms. Olfat El Bream, NSDL executive director, emphasized on the importance of those training sessions which contribute in reducing the phenomenon of violence  which increased recently.


The women said that we had become more awareness with the change concepts and they had  commended the efforts of the trainer and its ability to communicate the idea and the information easily as well as the training material which contained adequate information  about gender based violence.


At the end, the National Society for Democracy and Law distributed the certificates for the trainees as a honor for their commitment for the attendance as well as the training material.