On Wednesday 21st of February 2018
National Society for Democracy and Law carried out a workshop entitled” Promoting the Legal Protection against Woman” at the Arab College for Applied Science in Rafah with in the project of “Protection of the Life, Rights and Dignity  of Women  in the Southern of Gaza Strip” and  with the support of “Sawasya ” UNDP/UN Women/UNICEF Joint Programme : Promoting the Rule of Law in the State of Palestine.

The participants were more than 72 Male and Female college students.
The Lawyer Mr. Hamad Hejazi, the workshop facilitator, opened the workshop welcoming the college and its students. He gave an overview of the NSDL and he gave Ms. Olfat El Bream  the opportunity to talk. Ms. Olfat  started welcoming  the students and she talked about the Legal  Clinic  in the association and its services which presented to vulnerable groups. She addressed the important of the project which contained this workshop for supporting the vulnerable and promoting their accessing to the justice.

She also talked about the violence and its forms which experienced to woman in our society such as physical, verbal, psychological, political and social violence as a result of customs, traditions, male-dominant and the old  and weakness of some laws. She called for re structure these laws and enact new laws adapted at the recent condition because of the development of the different life aspects.

El Bream pointed out some of the  Palestinians laws which related to women. She commented that despite of the presence of these laws, they aren’t applied in the reality at the required form  which provided in the laws such as Labour Code and the Civil Service which carried in them some of the woman rights.
Moreover, El Bream spoke about the Personal Status law which regulated the  matrimonial relations, divorce and inheritance and she pointed out the article 18 in the
Penal Code which applied in Gaza and issued in 1936 which is mitigating for the criminal act on the honor issue. She emphasized  that some of the articles of these laws consider a violation of women rights and injustice within the violence against them.
Furthermore, El Bream completed her speech about the treaties and conventions which acknowledged at the rights of woman and protected them in the peace and war such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 , CEDAW which related to woman,  and special resolution 1325 about the peace and security to woman.  She also called for the necessity for harmonization the Palestinian laws with these laws to provide the protection for women.

At her final speech, she mentioned the most important reasons for the weakness of legal  protection for women such as the woman ignorance of her rights and the ways which got them, lack of seriousness of the competent authority such as the prosecution and police, the inaction from these authorities  of  receiving the complaint from the battered woman and  carrying out   the proper legal procedures and the lack of family code law concerned with it and protected it from the violence. She called  for joint  efforts and giving the Legislative Council to issue united legislations.
At the end, the discussion opened for students. They asked questions about the discussion issue and the lawyer replied about these questions.