On the tenth of December of each year staring at us on the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is celebrated the world every year since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948, in an attempt to ensure the protection of human rights violations practiced against it and prevent further exposure humans to further violations ..

This anniversary comes this year and the Palestinian people still live under Israeli military occupation for more than half a century. Under siege and collective punishment imposed for nearly four years, nearly half a million Palestinian citizens living in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians face under the occupation of various forms of abuses that run counter to the major principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, particularly the right to life, liberty and personal safety and the continued policy of murder and assassination by insurgent rocket, and bombing and destruction of buildings on the warheads of its population and the closure of all crossings and restriction on the number and quality of goods entering the Gaza Strip, depriving citizens the right to freedom of movement and travel.

Which demonstrates that the human rights of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian trampled under the feet of soldiers and leaders of the Israeli occupation.

Alasirailip and the war on the Gaza Strip showed the whole world the extent of the occupation government disregard for the values and principles of human rights and international humanitarian law, of the most heinous crimes committed during the war and use of internationally prohibited weapons.

National Assembly for Democracy and Law used the occasion of anniversary of the International Day for Human Rights to remind the international community that this is solved in conjunction with the anniversary of Israel to commit many violations of the rights of Palestinian civilians. And remind the international community need to provide protection for the Palestinian civilian population.

And urges the international community and human rights institutions in the world and the friends of democracy to intervene.

1 – to lift the siege imposed on Gaza Strip and the opening of all crossings and ensure the right of citizens to travel and mobility.

2 – put an end to violations of the Israeli war crimes carried out against Palestinian civilians, and to provide urgent protection for these civilians.

3 – forcing the Israeli occupation state to fulfill the obligations imposed by the International Bill of Human Rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

4 – bringing the perpetrators of war crimes the Israelis to trial and prosecuted legally for what they did crimes against the rights of Palestinians.

5 – to enter the immediate commencement of construction materials into the Gaza Strip and to rebuild the occupation of what was destroyed during the war, good on Gaza, to enable thousands of citizens whose homes have been demolished to enjoy their right to housing.