In the Israeli anniversary war on Gaza, NSDL recall the international community to hold law and manner responsibility toward protecting the Palestinian human rights and respect the international human law.

The last Israeli war on Gaza which continued about 23 day, they used all war extensive destruction weapons ,the thing that resulted in the death of 1417one, wounded 5300 one and devastation large number of areas around Gaza strip.

The NSDL denounces the international community silence and incapacity for protecting the Palestinian human rights and punish the Israeli generals on their crimes against the Palestinian civil innocence.

The NSDL, condemn the continuation of the imposed siege on Gaza and believe that the one who deserve to besieged is the Israeli occupation criminals, and consider the imposed siege as a violence of human right. The NSDL demands:

1. To stop the collective punishment that imposed on Gaza strip specially the imposed siege, and guarantee the citizen easily travel and movement.

2. To implement the fact-finding committee recommendations and break the war criminals immunities.

3. NSDL demand the human rights organization all over the world to pursuing the Israeli occupation generals and punish them on their crimes against the Palestinian.