The warplanes of the occupying forces fired different regions of the Gaza strip, and eastern Rafah city was shot with one rocket near Saad Sail barracks. Yet, there were no injures nor any damages. After moments, western Rafah city was shot with another rocket targeted a military location in the liberated territories. Consequently, Islam Mohammed Oweida, a 28-year-old citizen, was wounded in the left leg by shrapnel, worth mentioning that she was at her own house in the Saudi neighborhood. Shelling on Rafah city continued and the warplanes shot a rocket on an empty land on the Egyptian borders; Alsalam neighborhood in southern Rafah, yet there was no damages nor injuries. Moreover, the Israeli occupation warplanes shot a training location for a Palestinian resistance faction in northern Al-Nusairat camp and there was some damages but not injuries.  The explosion caused by the shelling dismayed the citizens and make the children freak out in particular.