The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) disapproves the weird silence and inertia of the international community regarding the suffering of the Palestinian detainees, who are on an open hunger strike for the forty seventh consecutive day in the Israeli prisons, protesting for the continues violations and crimes.

NSDL denounces the policy of detention and calls for an end of it as soon as possible, since the detainees use their lives as a leverage on the Israeli occupation. In addition, it expresses its worry and fear upon the Israeli law of force-feeding of the Palestinian hunger strikers. Moreover, it considers that the one who is responsible for their lives is the Israeli occupation.

NSDL denounces the Israeli continues violations of the prisoners’ rights and preventing them from meeting their families. It is noteworthy to mention that the Israeli occupation prevents 50 prisoners from Negab prison from having visits because they go on a hunger strike. However, such a punishment is indeed a violation of the international human rights instruments, as mentioned in the article 166 of the third international convention “it is the prisoners’ right to be visited by their relatives regularly and they are allowed to visit their families in emergencies such as death and disease”.

NSDL affirms that it is the prisoners’ right to practice all kinds of educational and recreational activities, as mentioned in the article 38 of the third Geneva conviction ” Prisoners shall have opportunities for taking physical exercise, including sports and games and for being out of doors. Sufficient open spaces shall be provided for this purpose in all camps.”

NSDL expresses its pleasure on Ban Ki-moon’s sympathy with the Palestinian detainees who are seriously ill due to going on an open hunger strike. He asks Israel to determine their crimes; otherwise, they should be released. However, Ban Ki-moon’s declarations are not enough to get the Palestinian detainees out of their distress. There must be an urgent and serious international intervention to exert pressure on the Israeli Occupation Government to release them as soon as possible, since they are critically suffering.

NSDL deplores the continues violations of the detainees’ rights, and believes that it is their right to protest by going on a hunger strike. Yet, Israeli Occupation has no moral right to commit injustice and oppression against them or even force-feed hunger strikers. Thus, NSDL wishes that the international community and especially the international human rights institutions would pay the issue of prisoners much attention and try to meet their needs in accordance with the international conventions of prisoners’ rights.