NSDL denounces the flagrant violation of not opening the banks for the Palestinian Authority’s employees to receive their salaries yesterday evening, June 4th, 2014. As a result, bitter disputes broke out between the employees of the Palestinian Authority and the employees of the previous Government of Gaza. The latter protested for not being paid their salaries beside the automated tellers in various regions of the Gaza Strip.

The Government Spokesman, Dr Ihab Besaiso, illustrates that getting rid of the bad outcomes of the Palestinian divide requires all of the entities to work hard and very smartly in order to make the deal of reconciliation considerably successful. Dr Besaiso appeals all of the entities not to rush or be affected by any distresses that would hinder the reconciliation.

NSDL deprecates the unfortunate incidents that may ruin the process of reuniting the Palestinian people and hold back the opportunity to reach some peaceful solutions, serving the humanitarian community in the Gaza Strip.  Besides, it expresses its sorrow for not paying the employees of the Palestinian Authority their salaries, probably leading to a sever undermining of the reconciliation.

NSDL assures that everybody has the right to express an opinion and make a peaceful assembly. Moreover, it disapproves using force and violence against the employees. All the employees in the Gaza Strip have the right to express their views and claim their right of being paid their salaries without being violated or battered.

NSDL emphasizes that it is the police’s duty to spread peace and security among people, not to mention that they must not do any practices which are in contravention of international human rights standards