NSDL expresses its concerns over the depressing situation of the Palestinian administrative detainees who are on a hunger strike for over 21 days in the Israeli prisons. Furthermore, it puts the full responsibility of the prisoners’ pathetic health conditions on the Israeli occupation.

The administrative detainees started on their open-ended  hunger strike on April 24,2014 in the Israeli prisons located in Megiddo, Negev and Ofer, appealing to end the policy of administrative detention as soon as possible. It is noteworthy to mention that the prisoner, Aymen Itbeish, completed 76 days of hunger strike and the prisoner, Adnan Shanayta, went on a 53-day hunger strike, and they are both in danger.

NSDL appeals the international community to do its job and use its privileges to intensify the pressure on the Israeli Occupation to end all forms of violation and offensive and degrading treatment that the occupation practices inside their prisons and remand centers. The international community ought also to stop the policy of administrative detention and make Israel respect the international human rights treaties that prohibit grilling and humiliating treatment, according to Article V in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

It is important to declare that there are 200 Palestinians in the Israeli prisons, and they are completely violated. Neither are they allowed to receive an adequate defense nor can they know the real reasons behind their detention. Besides, the period of their detention is indeterminate, which means that they will be detained for a couple of years without having obvious charges against them. NSDL calls for a real intervention from the civil society to make the Israeli occupying forces release the administrative detainees and prevent all of their humiliating practices against other Palestinian prisoners.