People around the world celebrate the international Labour Day on May the 1st, trying to shed the light on the workers’ rights. Despite the fact that Palestinian laborers do celebrate this day, their reality is as miserable as their lives. Their working conditions thoroughly contradict the signed international treaties and the celebrated events all over the world. There is a clear discrepancy between what the Palestinian laborers should receive according to the international treaties and what they actually have. The workers, like the other categories of the Palestinian people, are actually encountering some difficulties, among which is the siege imposed on the Gazans, which has been holding them back from doing their job due to the lack of building supplies. Such a situation does not help them to secure a decent life provided by the minimum requirements of life for their families. PCBS (Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistic) stated that the unemployment ratio recorded 23% in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank; 270.000 workers, 141.000 of them are in the West Bank and 129.000 are in the Gaza Strip.

NSDL considers the preventing of the construction supplies as a collective punishment against the civilians, since it contradicts all of the international human rights treaties. Moreover, the breakdown of the Palestinian economy has led a great number of the Palestinian institutions to dismiss a lot of their workers, leading to the dramatic increase of poverty, dependency burden and unemployment. Not only do these problems affect the workers themselves but also their large families, which may consist of at least 7 people. All of the aforementioned dilemmas are accompanied with other more serious problems such as crimes, diseases and massive displacement, resulting in boosting the dependency burden to hit 12 to 14 per worker.

NSDL reiterates its support for workers’ rights and calls for:

1- The Palestinian Authority should provide the workers, who are not able to secure the minimum requirements of life, a decent standard of living.

2-the International, regional and national organizations should stand by the persecuted workers’ side in the Palestinian territories.