25 Nov 2016

The twenty –fifth of November each  year matches “The International  Day of Eliminating Violence against women . which is issued  by The United Nations 16 years ago , after the emergence  of increasing violence against women and girls . Statistics showed that more than 70% of women and girls around the world suffering from all forms of violence .

 The United Nation invited  the  governments, international organizations and non-governmental  ones( NGOs)  to make awareness activates among people  for  realizing  the extent of the problems in this day .As  women are subjected to rapines , domestic  violence , female circumcision and all forms of violence.

The National society for Democracy considers dangerously the noticeable  increasing rates of violence phenomenon  against women and girls in Palestine generally and Gaza particularly which is expected to lead to expansion of perpetuators of crimes if they are not being arrested  .This comes in the light of honor crimes .

We are assuring that violence phenomenon  against women due to the negative traditions prevailed in the society that  affects negatively on the women because  she is  considered the weakest figure , sticking  by those traditions and the lack of social culture in dealing with women  in a male dominated society .

As NSDL  we have to deal with this phenomenon  and its perpetuators  by law and to punish them on their crimes that would harm women . We are very keen to  not insult  her and to maintain all her rights as well.

According to what mentioned above, we call  decision makers to reform and unite laws  and criminalize all perpetuators  who practiced violence against women .Also to enhance the political , legal and economical role of women  in the society to achieve herself  in all aspects .

We also call the international society to make a pressure on Israel to stop its crimes on Palestinian people  because Israel is considered one of the main reason of increasing violence against women because of the brutal siege and violation of rights.