Proceeding from the principle of promoting the right to development and human dignity within legal persons and enhancing the human rights for each individual, especially in the community participation of the development process as a legal binding  right that require the need for intensifying efforts to activate the legal system of this right.

National Society for Democracy and Law Concluded the qualitative training program entitled “Applications of the right to development and human dignity in the Palestinian context,” where the society is the leader in the execution of this program for a category of legal persons , on Thursday, July 19, 2012, which targeted (25)individuals of the lawyers under training , at ‘Happy City Hall” headquarter in the southern region. The training program lasted three consecutive days and comes as part of the project of “Promoting the right to development and enhancing vulnerable groups` access to basic services” DAFE “, supported and funded by the United Nations Development Program UNDP / PAPP. A large number Attended the closing ceremony such as members of the Board of Directors of the National Society and guests of honor represented in each of the Mr.Nader El-Massri – Member of the Board of Directors of Palestine mayors and the former advisor to president Yasser Arafat , and Mr.Saif Abu Ramadan- chairman of the, Palestine mayors society.

A group of legal expertise and professional lawyers from the network of legal aid providers “AWN undertake the administration of the training sessions. The training concerned on range of topics related to the right to development and human dignity, investment law which serves as an introduction to development, the base of enrichment and as a basis for good governance  , the contribution of anti-corruption law in development process, the appropriateness of the legislation in the creation of an effective developmental structure and the problem of available Palestinian legislations, in addition to the concepts of human rights and gender in international conventions, and the rights of women in Palestinian context.

The goal of this training program is to improve the efficiency and capacity of lawyers in the legal field and the legislation on the right to development and human dignity , the promotion and consolidation of the concept of development as a binding legal right for individuals, and to establish the concept of participation in decision-making on the right of development, which was based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that  guarantees this right for each individual as an inalienable right of  human rights.

At the end of the ceremony the management team  and the Right to Development Group in the society honored the participants of lawyers involved in the session and handed them appreciation certificates, the participants expressed their admiration for the training program and their enthusiasm to participate in other development and effective programs.