Wednesday, 08 March, 2016.

The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) organized a central solidity stand on International Women’s Day (IWD). This event included opening a mural on the wall of Polytechnic Palestine University – Rafah Branch and a solidity stand expresses participants’ support to women’s rights and elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

This event came within “Don’t Violate the half of the Society Campaign,” which NSDL organized by NSDL within “Strengthening the Role of Female Lawyers in Defending Women’s Rights in Southern Gaza Project,” supported by UNDP/UN Women Joint Programme, Strengthening the Rule of Law: Justice and Security for the Palestinian People “Sawasya”. Dozens of national figures, informal reconciliatory figures lawyers, journalists, CSOs representatives and university students participated in this event.

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Mr. Mohammed Abughali, project coordinator and Mrs. Suad Al-Mashni, project lawyer, opened the solidity stand welcoming the participants and thanking Polytechnic Palestine University. He stated that this day is a new revolution to support women’s right, and neglected all forms of violation and discrimination against women.

Then, Dr. Muamar started his speech. He stated that the Palestinian women experience deteriorated life conditions, where they struggled next to the Palestinian men against the Israeli Occupation who use excessive force against women, in addition to the Palestinian division and its economic and social effects. And he mentioned that recently violation forms against the Palestinian women increased due to the stresses, economic and social conditions in Palestine.


After that, Dr. Muamar praised the role of NSDL, CSOs, Sawasya Progeamme, UNDP and UN Women for their deep interventions in the Palestinian society, which aim to reduce forms of violation against women and supporting women rights. And he called for creating a strategic plan eliminates violation against women. This plan shall be based on awareness-cultural aspect and efforts are compatible with UN resolution (1325), and this shall be started with an initiative by CSOs, the Palestinian society, governmental agencies including Ministry of Women and Ministry of Justice, international organizations, universities, and institutions.

From his part, Dr. Yousef Mousa, the representative of Polytechnic Palestine University,  made a speech, in which he talked about the importance of this event in supporting women which he described them as the half of the society, Allah praised them and made them equal to men in worship and religious duties, and they prepared a great generation. Then he greet the women who sacrificed by themselves for the liberation of Palestine.