Saturday, Jan. 31st, 2015

The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) organized a Session entitled “Legalizations of Orphans’ Guardianship”, within the activities of “Emergency Legal Assistance to the Affected People in Rafah Due to the 2014 War on Gaza Project”, supported by UNDP/PAPP, which provides legal aids to the vulnerable and the affected groups due to Gaza war 2014, by UNDP/PAPP.

Dr. Ibrahim Muammar, chairman of NSDL, Sheikh Ayman Hammad, judge of Rafah Islamic Sharia Court, a number of lawyers and directors of organizations authorized in orphans’ guardianship.

Mrs. Suad Al-Mashni, project advocate, opened the session welcoming guests and attendance, and then she talked about the importance of the project, especially for Rafah. Then Dr. Muammar talked about the society and the efforts of Legal Aid Clinic No.9 in providing legal aids include legal awareness raising legal consultation, and free charge legal and judicial representations for the vulnerable and affected groups due to Gaza war 2014, epically in Rafah.

Dr. Muammar also mentioned that despite the end of the war, people still suffering from its effects and problems raised within, in addition to the big number of martyrs, widows and orphans who are in need to legal awareness raising, thanking the vital role organizes authorized in orphans’ guardianship and third parties in Rafah within and after the war.

From his part, the judge Hammad talked about the age of sound of judgment of orphans, which is 15 years. Then he talked about the virtue of orphans’ guardianship and the must of orphans’ properties separation from the properties of the guardian. Then, the judge Hammad also said: “It is a must on the guardian to open a bank account for the orphan, and the court shall be the supervisor on funds spending by taking a permission of the court to buy what do the orphan need”. For assets, the judge Hammad mentioned that it is a must to pay all debts of the late, then properties shall be departed on the lawful heirs.

After that, the judge Hammad called for following a supervision mechanism by the authorized and specialized organizations in orphans’ guardianship and monitoring spends of orphans’ funds in order to achieve justice.

At the end of the session, the attendance raised questions and inquiries, and talked about problems they experience in orphans’ guardianship and mechanisms organizations follow up to. The attendance also stressed on the importance of the continuity of organizing session and workshops about orphans’ guardianship in order to provide the maximal awareness raising to guardians in make justice the main base of managing orphans’ funds and securing the rights of orphans.

And finally, the society thanked the attendance and their concern to aware people and their promotion to role of rule in order to achieve justice.