Tuesday, Dec. 30th, 2014

The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) organized a workshop entitled “Organizes Methods of Activating the Effective Referral System”, within the activities of “Emergency Legal Assistance to the Affected People in Rafah Due to the 2014 War on Gaza Project”, supported by UNDP/PAPP, which provides legal aids to the vulnerable and the affected groups due to Gaza war 2014, by UNDP/PAPP.

Mrs. Suad Al-Mashni -project advocate, Dr. Yousuf Awadallah -director of Rafah Mental Heath Center, Mr. Nabil Elshanna -director of Children and Family Department at at Ministry of Social, and several layers, advocates, journalists, and directors of CSOs in Rafah participated in this workshop.

Mrs. Al-Mashni opened the workshop welcoming guests and attendance, then talked about the importance of the project, especially for Rafah. She also stressed on the importance of promotion and the coordination between CSOs and governmental organizations to provide the maximal services to the vulnerable and affected groups due to Gaza war 2014 who are in need to legal, social, mental, and economic aids.

From his part, Dr. Awadallah praised the role NSDL plays since its establishment until now, focusing on the importance of activating the effective referral system and adopting a law for the needs of the vulnerable groups and prevent the individuality in the work with the vulnerable and affected groups due to Gaza war 2014.

Then he stressed on the importance rooting the effective referral system of the vulnerable groups in fields of varied services health and social organizations provide, adding that it is important to train the participants who represent the majority of Rafah organizations. After that, he said that Rafah Mental Health Center has more than 4000 mental files for men, women and children, the majority is from the vulnerable groups who do not know about their legal rights, why they are in need to an advocate to provide the legal aids to.

However, Rafah Mental Health Center submitted an official letter to the society asking the society to select an advocate to follow up the cases and provide the legal consultation through periodical field visits, at least 1 field visit every two weeks.

From his part, Mr. Elshanna talked about how does Ministry of the Social Affairs work and cooperate with the vulnerable groups it receive within a therapeutic plan for the case, clarifying that the services of the ministry cover 68,000 families in the Gaza Strip. these services include health insurance totally covered by Ministry of Social Affairs.

He added that there are another 48 families benefit from food supplies provided by the ministry, there are emergency and urgent aids the ministry provide in order to overcome cold waves and rains, orphans’ foster care department for children who are under the age of 18, and Childhood department, which provide psychological, social support for children.

Then, Mr. Elshanna expressed his readiness to receive from the legal aid clinic vulnerable groups affected due to the war in order to provide emergency and urgent aids to.

On the margin of the meeting, El-Salah Association – Rafah, which is concerned about orphans and their mothers by providing foster cares for 2,500 orphans in Rafah, submitted an official letter asking to select an advocate for the periodical legal consultations at the office of the association in Rafah.

During the workshop, the attendance raised several inquires and discussions about methods of referring and how to deal with the social cases which the legal aid clinic receive, especially that the main problem of some cases which had been legally represented is social, economic and psychological. Then whole the attended organizations agreed on activating the effective referral system with the legal aid clinic.