Tuesday : 10/12/2013

The National Society for Democracy and Law and The Network of NGOs organized a workshop entitled “Methods of Promoting the Social Reconciliation” which is a part of the activities of “Promoting the role of Civil Society Organizations” project that the network implement supported and the fou

nded by Friedrich Ebert organization.

The Society hold the meeting in Dec. 10th, 2013 in the hall of Al-Jama’i Club with Mr. Ibrahim Muammar – the chairman of the society, Dr. Samy Abutaha – a member of the BODs of Al-Jama’i Club, Mr. Ghassan Abuhatab – the director of The Center of The Studies of Birzeit, and a group of Conciliators, Mokhtars, social activists, journalists, in addition to university graduates, students, and athletes.

Mr. Ahmed Srour – the director of the society – began the meeting welcoming the guests and the audience, eulogized the role and the activities of The Network of NGOs toward the the social cases, and said that the social conciliation need more efforts of us to achieve justice and the rule of law in the Palestinian society.

Mr. Muammar talked about the leading role of the society that the society play and still playing in the social conciliation and promoting the methods of conciliation social mediation by improving the efficiency the conciliators and the tribal reconciliation and judgment which is common in many regions in Palestine. He also thanked Friedrich Ebert organization that always support the society and talked about the support which the organization offer for promoting the cases of the civilian and what support his rights.

Dr. Abutaha thanked the society for choosing AlJama’i Club to be as a place for social reconciliation, and added that the language of sport is the solo language which all people accept. He also said that Mokhtars and the conciliators are an essential part of law and a pillar of the pillars of our state who must contribute in spreading social security.

Mr. Abuhatab said that civil society organizations seek to archive the aims of the people which are based on the freedom of the civilians and to affect the public judgment. And he added that these organizations are social, rightal, and mainly demandal contribute in preventing the state of condoling over the rights of the civilians, and there is an insight of the civilians seeks to creating a plan to be the guide to reach the social mediation, the efforts, and the cases the families who are victims of the division. He also added that this meating or what is like succeeded in instill the voluntary soul of the civilians to contribute in solve the social problems to protect the society to divide and reach the justice which is based on humanitarian values and principles of justice.

Mr. Al-Hasanat – a Mokhtar – said that such these meetings are the beginning of the reconciliation and reaching a society justice is spread in.

In the end of the meeting, the attendance emphasized on uniting the common efforts in the sake of promoting the methods of the social reconciliation and limiting conflicts among civilians and reach the justice and the stability of principles of the rule of law which is considered as the beginning of the national reconciliation.