The genraal assembly of the NSDL held an extraordinary meeting to review the NSDL’s activities and programs in attendance of the boards of directors.

Chairman Ibraheem Moammar read the annual administrative and financial reports coming across the NSDL’s achievements as well as obstacles it faced during the ended year.

The general assemble unanimously approved the reports and praised the performance of the NSDL and its obvious contribution in serving the public community. The general assembly them approved the amendment of article 14 of the bylaw stating that the board members to be 7 instead of 9.

The General assembly had previously gathered in 29/1/2009 in order to approve a certified auditor. Ghirnata auditing office was approved. Moammar revealed his thanks to the general assembly for its role in rectifying the NSDL’s track.

The general assembly revealed their thanks and appreciation to the board of directors for their permanent contact with the general assembly and familiarizing them with the new of the NSDL issues.