The Israeli Occupation Forces have escalated their military aggression to a grave degree on the Gaza Strip, as they penetrated today morning the areas of Khuza’a and Shuja’eea east of the Strip. The Israeli tanks, which were supported by warplanes, launched their shells indiscriminately killing 12 persons, and wounding 40 others, seven of which were seriously wounded. The killed persons are:

1- Ezzeddeen Sa’eed Jendiyyah (9 years)

2- Jazem Ziyaad Jindiyya (25 years)

3- Anaan AL-Ar’eer (25 years)

4- Ra’ed Ameen Fannonah (32 years)

5- Nafiz Mahmoud Helles (27 years )

6- Ahmad Abbaad Helles (18 years)

7- Hussaam Abu Tu’aimah ( 27 years)

8- Mahmoud Abdelfattaah Asha’er (24 years)

9- Dia’a Mohammad Abu Dakka (24 years)

10- Sami Kamaal Al-manasrah ( 29 years)

11- Yousif Kamaal Al-manasrah ( 18 years)

12- Yousif Khaleel Juhaa ( 25 years)

The NSDL condemns the escalation of the Israeli Occupation Forces in the Gaza Strip and its use of excessive force in a manner that led to the fall of this number of victims and casualties.

The NSDL reaffirms its condemnation of the daily war crimes the Israeli Occupation Forces are practicing in the Gaza Strip, and emphasizes that these practices are war crimes the perpetrators of which must be brought to justice. Furthermore, the NSDL reveals its perturbation regarding the manner by which the International Community, with all its apparatuses and mechanisms, deal with this issue, appearing as the disable to protect civilians and their properties and to stop the Israeli escalation. The Israeli escalation, if to persist in this manner, would lead to a humanitarian catastrophe unwitnessed before in the Gaza Strip, especially under such a suffocating siege on the Strip. Accordingly, the NSDL demands the following:

1- The immediate international intervention to protect the Palestinian civilians, as the international response has not been elevated until now to the degree of interrogating and punishing the perpetrators of these crimes.

2- The high contracting parts of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1989 initiate forceful measures to stop all violations of human rights.

3- The International Community deploy UN forces to the Gaza Strip to protect the Palestinian Civilians from the arrogance of the Israeli war machine.

4- The International Community exert pressure on Israel to compel her to lift its economic siege on the Gaza Strip.

The NSDL appeals to the humanitarian organizations to give an urgent helping hand to the families of the victims of the grave violations the Israeli Occupation Forces are practicing against civilians and their properties.

The NSDL warns that the comprehensive blockade on the Gaza Strip will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.