47310700_1469036059896605_7769958861984759808_n 47322728_1469036989896512_3895812873963700224_n 47360203_1469036099896601_81986501864325120_n 47373018_1469036916563186_5785894420335296512_n-1 47447969_1469036273229917_585501924749475840_n 47508273_1469037306563147_1337363197186801664_nNSDL conducted 20 legal awareness workshops in Rafah city on personal status code in cooperation with a group of CBOs in Rafah city including (future Generations Benevolent Association, Rafah Farmers Association, The Assembly Benevolent of operation, public Aid Association For Canada neighborhood, al jenoub society for Woman’s Health, Al batool charity Rafah governorate, Palestinian Center For Organic Agriculture, Benevolent Palestinian child’s Friends Association, Al-Naser charity society, Mojaddoon development charity, kidney patients friends charity Association, Benevolent society For care of Rural Family, Al Sahel society, Al Asdiqaa Association for people of special Needs, Muslim Girls society, Al Mawasi Area committee-Rafah, Al Rihana society for Women &children, society for the care of cancer patients, the Assembly Benevolent of operation, Hawwa Future Society.)


The workshops targeted 646 individuals; 28 males and 618 females. They were within the framework “Provision of Legal Aid Services to Vulnerable Women in Rafah” project, under Sawasya II, UNDP/UN Women/ UNICEF joint programme: Promoting the Rule of Law in the State of Palestine 2018-2023.

The legal clinic team concentrated on issues of marriage, engagement, women’s financial rights such as alimony and deferred dowry in case of divorce and husband’s death; since it is considered as a debt on the husband even after his death and they explained the ways of getting it. Moreover, they addressed issues like house of obedience (a term used to refer to a house prepared for disobedient wife), legal separation, gold issues and problems. They discussed divorce and its consequences as well as the procedures followed before shariah courts.

At the end of the meetings, the attendees were given the opportunity to raise their inquiries, which were answered and discussed; and a set of recommendation were made up. Moreover, the attendees called for more informative legal awareness workshops.