Thursday 26/4/2018

Culture and Free Thought Association –Wesal Network (Advisory support unit) carried out an awareness workshop on violence. Ms. Asmaa Alamodi and Ms. Israa Saqer managed to run the meeting and they introduced their association and the advisory support unit. They mainly focused on GBV, its main reasons and its different forms. They confirmed that violence is widely spread in most of the communities, among which is the Palestinian society. A group of women attended the workshop, and they had the chance to discuss and express their opinions. At the end of the meeting, they focused on sharing their own practical examples and giving some recommendations and suggestions. 31460893_1289997061133840_4411488483135193088_n 31500449_1289997004467179_5662029539203612672_n 31564107_1289997037800509_4152964329890643968_n