Sunday 8th  April 2018

Women’s Affairs Center conducted many awareness sessions entitled” The Importance of Female Youth and Women’s Participation in Formal and Informal Political Decision-Making” in cooperation with the National Society for Democracy and Law within a project of ” Promoting the Woman Participation in Political Decision-Making in Gaza Strip” in the society headquarter  in Rafah

The meetings were managed by the lawyer Mr. Said Abdallah. The number of those meetings was three workshops on Saturday and Sunday 7th / 8th  April 2018. The participants were women and men. The workshops addressed promoting the role of woman in Decision-Making and giving its appropriate role which deserves  as a partner of the man. He pointed out the ways which tackling the negative thoughts about the woman role in the society among a lot of people. He continued  his speech about equality and the non -discrimination between man and woman in political decision- making. He also guided the participants towards the woman rights and duties and  he called for the  familiarity with the legal knowledge among women.


Moreover, he talked about the obstacles which consider as  a barrier to women’s participation and innovation in the political aspect. The participants asked questions and inquires to the lawyer then he replied them.


At the end of every workshop, the legal consultations were recorded and the lawyer replied all of them.