The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights conducted a workshop entitled ” The International Conventions” in cooperation with The National Society for Democracy and Law in the headquarter of the society in Rafah.

The meeting is managed by Mr. Ashraf Thomas the officer of human rights in the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights.

His speech  particularly focused  on the human right conventions and its number about 9. He pointed out the conventions which had signed by Palestine  in 2014 such as the Convention against Torture, Convention on  the Right of the Children, Convention on the Right of Persons with Disability, Convention against the Discrimination, Convention against  all forms of discrimination against women and International Covenants. Mr. Ashraf Thomas explained those conventions in details. He said after the countries signed and ratified on the conventions, they should commitment  on those conventions, engage them in its laws and work in them.  But Palestine does not engage those conventions even this moment..


The participants were personnel at the civil society institutions in Rafah. The matter was discussed in  an objective form.

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