The National Society for Democracy and Law (NSDL) in conjunction with Wesal network conducted a workshop on enhancing the implementation of the United Nations resolution 1325 in the Palestinian territories, which is implemented by Culture and Free Thought Association.

Ms. Wesam Dabour managed to run the meeting shedding the light on the Security Council resolution 1325 of 2000. She asserted that the resolution is issued to maintain peace and security for women ,and its ultimate aim is to give the women a chance to participate in making decisions, defending other women and maintaining their protection, especially in conflict situations.

She emphasized on the importance of implementing the resolution in the occupied Palestinian territories, since the Israeli occupation have been always violating women’s rights. Not to mention that Palestinian women are suffering owing to the Palestinian political division and the ruthless traditions. Thence, putting this resolution into action must be mandatory; and the international community have to do something to end such violations.

It is worthy to mention that a group of male and female young people attended the workshop, and the workshop is concluded by making some recommendations and suggestions. مصنع-الصيغ1-1   مصنع-الصيغ2 مصنع-الصيغ3