Tuesday, oct27.2015

National Society for Democracy and Law held in cooperation with the Women’s Affairs Center Awareness session under the title “Women’s rights and reproductive health”, the session targeted a numbers of Mukhtars , Men reform, Clerics, youth and women.

Mr. Mohamad abo Gahli Executive Director was opened the session, welcoming the attendances and spoke about the nature of the society work, thanking the center of Women Affairs for his efforts in educating women in the area of reproductive health.

Ms.Khulud abo Dhair from woman affairs center spoke about the center and its nature of work and the services provided through various programs. She also define Reproductive health , reproductive health services, the concept of family planning and safe maternity care.

The workshop included a documentary film about reproductive health, which was a discussion about it during the meeting.

At the end of the session Ms. abu Dhair have been speaking about infectious diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea, hepatitis “B”. and she thanked the NSDL on the efforts and cooperation for the dissemination of culture and awareness in Palestinian society, calling for the society to further meetings that will raise the level of cultural awareness of Palestinian society.